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These are our violins, please come and play them. If you want, you can also rent to be sure this violin is for you.

Fracesco Ruggeri (1628-1698)

Precise work from the 17th century. Clear sound projection. Great sound.


Fr. 30000.-


J.M. Remy (1770-1854)

A mature work by Jean-Mathurin Remy (1770-1854), this violin was made in his Parisian workshop around 1820. J.-M. Remy represents the second generation of an important family of violin makers that has been active in the French capital for more than a century and a half. Remy proved to be an excellent master of his art, especially in the choice of good woods and the execution of the varnish.

Fr. 11.000.-

Josephus Müller (1907)

It is a fine quality master instrument. Its clear, bright sound is focussed and responsive, and features tonal strength.


Fr. 5000.-